S J H S Bisons

50th Birthday Party

March 1999

Dear Classmates,

Congratulations to those of you who have already celebrated your 50th Birthday! The rest of us will quickly reach the same milestone and these happy occasions have caused us to focus on the need to make final arrangements for our planned communal birthday party at the Hershey Hotel.

We are happy to announce that we have negotiated an excellent room rate, but, to get this good deal, we had to compromise on the date for the event. We originally told you that the party would take place on the last weekend in October. The best rates were available, however, for the following weekend, November 6-7, 1999. We hope that for those of you who have already submitted the initial deposit, this early notice of the date change won't affect your plans to celebrate with us. We also hope that the new date might enable many more of our classmates to attend.

Next, to the matter of cost. We have calculated the final price to be $250.00 for a double and $190.00 for singles. The package includes lodging as well as a two-hour, open-bar reception and dinner on November 6, 1999. We have also arranged for a Hospitality Suite and as usual there will be great music and dancing after dinner.

Based on responses to our previous mailing, we have decided not to arrange bus transportation for this event. Instead, for those classmates who wish to start the party early, the Hershey is holding a block of rooms for Friday evening, November 5, 1999 at the following excellent rates: $129.00 double and $119.00 single. If you wish to take advantage of this option, please check the appropriate box on the tear-off form below and we will notify the Hershey to hold a room for you. (Note: Approximately one month before the party you will be contacted by the Hershey to provide your credit card number which will guarantee your Friday reservation.)

To meet the Hershey's deadline for returning the contract and submitting the required room deposit we need your cooperation in sending to us no later than May 1, 1999 a $50.00 per person deposit. If you have already sent the initial $25 per person deposit, then you need send only another $25 per person by May 1. If you haven't previously sent a deposit, then we will need the full $50.00 per person to hold a room for you. We will need another payment of $75 per double or $70 per single by July 1, 1999. The final payment of $75 per double or $70 per single will be due on September 1, 1999. Please tear off the bottom portion of this letter and return by May 1 to:

Class of 1967 SJHS

c/o John Dziczek

203 Briarwood Avenue

Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Finally, we have posted on our web site (http://www.bisons67.camden.nj.us) a listing of classmates who have already submitted the initial $25 per person deposit for the party at Hershey. We will update this information regularly and we sincerely hope to see many more names added to the list in the coming weeks! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact any member of the planning committee or write to us at our web site.

SJHS 50th Birthday Party


MaryAnn (Dougherty) Asher 609-228-3293
Terri McCuen 609-962-8024
John Dziczek 609-858-2737
John Podolski 215-413-0693
Ollie Hiltebrand 609-939-5176
Logan Shaffer 609-985-8079
Charlene (Kulesa) Orzechowski 609-435-7306
Joe Washart 609-783-4291


Name (Please print)



I (we) would like to attend. I (we) have not yet submitted a deposit, so enclosed is a check for $50/person.

I (we) have already submitted the initial deposit, so enclosed is a check for $25/person.

I (we) would like to start the party early, so please notify the Hershey Hotel to hold a room for me (us) on Friday, November 5, 1999.

I (we) will be unable to attend. (Please let us know if you definitely will not come to the 50th Birthday Party so that we can take your name off the list for future mailings related to this event.)